8 basic facts about commercial photo printers

A commercial photo printer is a photo printer engineered specifically for commercial use, such as in studios, photo labs, and imaging companies.

Some people may think that commercial photo printers are just small because they only need to print 3R or 4R photos. But included in the list of commercial photo printers are the wide format printers used to print billboards, posters and banners. This means that these commercial printers are actually smaller sizes from 5 ” wide to 70 ” wide.

Fact # 2: Commercial photo printers are usually dye sublimation or inkjet printers.

Most photo lab solutions are dye-sublimation printers because they are especially ideal for picture photos and home displays. But for photographs that will be printed in large formats and on pavements, billboard frames and walls of malls and other structures, inkjet printers are commonly used.

large format dye sublimation printing1 – 8 basic facts about commercial photo printers

Because they are specifically engineered for photo printing, these devices have very fast print capability. Note that the speed is proportional to the size of the medium. For example, if a simple home inkjet printer can print a borderless 4 ” x 6 ” photo in 50 seconds, a commercial Minilab photo printer can print it in 7 seconds. The same Minilab can also print 11 “x 14” portraits in 50 seconds, but even at the same speed, the minilab is still faster because its printout is larger.

Fact # 4: Commercial photo printers are used only for photo and image printing.

Most commercial photo printers are made specifically for photo printing. This is their purpose in life. There are a select few models of commercial photo printers that are capable of printing documents and other print media, but their main function is actually photo printing.

According to www.myhomeprinters.com commercial photo printers have different models and they are also for different purposes. Some of these commercial printers have multifunction wireless features, some of them are ID photo printers capable of printing sets of only 4 2 × 2 photos and 8 1 × 1 photos. These printers vary because the need for small, medium, large and extra large photos is also variable.

Fact # 6: Commercial photo printers are expensive.

Because they are used for profitable purposes, they are also sold at high prices. They are investments that business owners must leverage in order to establish their activities and benefit from it. As such, it is only fair that these printers are quite expensive and should be treated with high value and importance.

Fact # 7: Commercial photo printers are manufactured by brands such as HiTi, Epson, Canon, HP, Kodak, Xerox, and Fujifilm.

HiTi offers minilab solutions, photo kiosks and ID photo printers. Epson, Canon, and HP provide wide format printers, which can be used for posters, banners, billboards, and other large print media. Kodak offers all-in-one printers for photo and office printing use and the company also has studio and photo lab solutions for large-scale photo printing of various sizes.

Fact # 8: Because they are commercial photo printers, they are ideal for profitable use only.
Due to their expensive price and limited functionality, these devices are used only for commercial establishments and similar industries, earning from the production of photo printouts.

The conclusion

A commercial photo printer is not just any photo printer that you can find in the market. It is generally expensive because it stands as an investment for profitable use. Therefore you should only buy a commercial photo printer if you are planning to start a photo printing business.

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